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Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center was created by two guys from Jefferson County that were sick of driving their kids to South County, Fenton and St. Charles to play overpriced video and prize redemption games as well as laser tag. They decided to improve and expand on what a family fun center should be. Namely FUN, AFFORDABLE and MEMORABLE. Cactus Pete’s is the perfect place to bring your family or group – buy 4 or more game cards and receive 10% off your entire purchase. You can even bring your own food!!! Recommended ages 4 and up.

Cactus Pete’s is THE home of the POWER 60 game card ($25 for 60 minutes of unlimited play – ALL games and attractions included). Cactus Pete’s offers the top games in the Arcade Industry: Down the Clown, Skee Ball, Baseball Pro, Harpoon Lagoon, Despicable Me – Jelly Lab, Kung Fu Panda, Space Invaders, Alien Armageddon, Jurassic Park, Moto GP, NBA Hoops, Crusin’ Blast, Big Bass Pro, Sink It, Bean Bag Toss and many more.

There is also a One of a kind  Dodgeball Bounce House , the largest merchandise wall EVER – over 200 items to choose from,  AND the coolest black light laser tag arena  featuring the Cyber Blast Phaser. No more hot, sweaty, over-sized vests or 20 pound guns – Just a cool gun that you can hold in one hand and is easy enough for a child to manage.

3 large party sections which will hold from 10 – 30 people. Cactus Pete’s allows you to bring your own food. Crock pots welcome! Have a pizza delivered to your table or create your own picnic, it’s all good. PLEASE no outside drinks are allowed. We offer bottled soda, water, tea, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Bud Light and Bud Select. If we don’t serve what you like – let us know and we will try to stock it for you!! Now accepting reservations for the Mine Shaft Black Light Party Room (where Cactus Pete first encountered Clarence the Alien).

Come glow with us!

Cactus Pete.

Randall C. Peterson aka “Cactus Pete” was a prospector panning for gold along the banks of the Mighty Meramec River when a bright light hovered over his head and then moved in the direction of Imperial, Missouri.

Go On....

He followed the UFO to a deserted mine shaft which is part of the building that now houses Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center. The story goes that Cactus Pete saw alien like beings going into the mine shaft and that he followed them into the mine.

Rumor Has It

Cactus Pete befriended the aliens and now he and the aliens routinely visit one another. The green ooze that covers the laser tag room is really a special substance that helps the aliens breathe the earth’s atmosphere. They use the cover of the laser tag room so as not to be detected. It is not unusual to encounter an alien while playing laser tag or walking through the Mine Shaft Maze. Don’t be alarmed – the Aliens are friendly!

Birthday Party Packages

We have three Birthday Party Package options available.

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Whether it’s a private get together, a kid’s party, or just a bit of Friday night fun. Cactus Pete’s is the place to be.

Birthday Parties.

Birthday Parties.

Birthdays are always more fun with video games and laser tag!



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After Hour Functions.

After Hour Functions.

Games. After hours. Sounds perfect, right?

Corporate Events.

Corporate Events.

Corporate events can be more fun than you think.

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